What is the difference between MSPD and SDMSPD Memory Stick?

There are two products with the same name.  SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo Magicgate 2GB.  Products are: Model: MSPD2048A11 and Model: SDMSPD2048A11.  The second one has a " SD" on the front. What is the difference between the two?  I will be using the product for a digital camera.  Thanks!!

the second one is the sandisk part number for the card. SD stands for sandisk. the other looks like an incorrect part number. 

Thanks drlucky for your input…I would like to add the MSPD is priced ~$25 where the SD MSPD is priced ~$15.  So they are the same???

once again MSPD card is not a SanDisk part number. it is possible i suppose that it is a Sony part number but that i can only speculate on.