Sandisk 64GB CF cards with different model numbers !


I saw two cards on amazon,both sandisk 64GB 90mbps CF cards but with different model numbers and different prices.

Does anyone know the difference between the two ?

SDCFXP-064G-A91  and SDCFXP-064G-P91.

The first one is for $330 and the second one for $795

Manufactured in 2 different places is all.

Thanks. But considering the price difference, is there a difference in quality ? And if you know where are they made ?

the part are the same. the part number that ends with -A is amreicas retail packaging and the one that ends with -P is Asia pacific retail packaging. MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) for the card is $895.99 see link below. That said if a reseller has a lot of stock they can sell the cards for a lower price. one source likely is just a larger reseller than the other and can sell the card cheaper and still have an acceptable profiet margin. That said if it is a private auction I would definatly check the seller reviews to make sure it is not a fake card.