Want to use Extreme II with XP. Suggestions?

I’m new to ssd’s and want to a fresh install of XP. I’ve read about trim, alignment, and tweaks but would like to know how those things apply to this very modern sad.

  1. How do I align?
  2. Do I need to bother with trim? If so, how?
  3. I plan to use AHCI.

Any advice, or pointing to current info will be much appreciated!

you will need a third party alignment tool.

XP does not support TRIM so you would need a third party TRIM tool

AHCI is not supported by XP by default so you will need some after market drivers.

I would really suggest moving to at least Win 7 if you plan to use an SSD. 

Drlucky, thanks for the response.  I was beginning to think there was noone here!  :) 

Is there a more active community for the Extreme II somewhere?

I know about the advantages of Win 7 and someday I’ll do it but for now, I need to get back up and running after my OCZ Vertex drive died.

I was planning on doing the same thing I did 3 years ago when I started using the OCZ, which is basically using diskpart to align the Extreme II in another machine and formatting it, then do a fresh install.


Are TRIM and AHCI worth persuing?  I don’t need any more performance, in other words I’m not looking to split hairs a get slightly faster.


TRIM will help maintain performance over the life of the SSD. If TRIM is not enabled you may see a degradation of performance over time. If the computer does not get a lot of write erase operations you should not be affected that much and even so if you reimage it will take care of that issue as well.