Drive not found!

Hi All,

I wonder if any kind person out there can give Me some advice?

I have recently installed a Extreme II on an Packard Bell easynote SW51-012 (mit drag)AMD Turion 64x2  as the boot drive which now boots and runs ok .

Please pour Yourself  a coffee now!

1  Dashboard does not find drive therefore no info or control of usefull functions (trim etc)

 Interestingly neither does crystaldisk !

2 Removing and placing the drive in a USB docking station makes the drive visible to D/B.

3 No option apparent in bios for AHCI mode just PIO Multi DMA etc

 just shows drive as sata .

So i guess the questions are can I get Dash to see drive, am I losing much performance by not having AHCI option, and which is the best option in My available bios?

There not too bad was it ? feel better just by talking to someone!

Anyhoo roll up roll up test Your brain muscle here mine is spent !

All the best in anticipation JeffH.

Looks like a tough one but were you able to find a solution to this. Have you tried to ask if a firmware update might be able to help dashboard seeing the drive here?