Virus on Memory Card?

When I plug my new Shaker into the computer my Avira antivirus software flags it as a Trojan. There is an application on the memory card called vhdgplfq which seems to be causing the problem. 

When I disconenct the Shaker, there are 2 processes still affected by the “virus”.

  • C:\windows\inf\svchost.exe

  • C:\program files\uninstall information\hbghi.exe

If I try and stop the processes they just come back again and a reboot makes no difference.

A full scan of the system manages to terminate these processes.

What should be on the memory card (for a straight out the wrapper shaker) ?

Is the vhdgplfq application required ?

Can I simply replace the SD card that came with the shaker with a new “empty” one or is some sort of initialisation required ?

Any help would be appreciated.


I doubt the card was infected originally, although it’s possible.  More likely the virus was already on your computer.  It managed to hide itself from your AV program, but was caught when it infected the card.  I’ve seen this several times.

In any event, the 2 processes on the PC are part of the virus, the one on the card, “vhdgplfqis”, is probably it’s infector.  The file named “hbghi.exe” is not a Windows file.  There is a legitimate Windows file named “svchost.exe”, but it is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32, so the one in C:\WINDOWS\inf is fake.  The real one is normally running, several times, so it’s hard to tell the fake one from the real one when you look in Task Manager.  It’s hard to kill them because there is probably another hidden file that is re-starting them every time you kill them.

If Avira can’t clean all 3 or 4 files off of the PC, you need to find another AV program that can.  I have used “MalwareBytes” with very good results.  There’s a free download at:

Don’t use the Shaker on another PC until you know the card in it is clean.  If you put another card in the Shaker, don’t connect it to the PC until you know the PC is clean.

Ain’t computing wonderful?

Good luck!