V-Mate Suggestions

I’m a new user of you V-Mate. The idea of the product is really great… On the other hand, the product is “not ready for sale” because there is some really annoying things.

1- You can’t use the product without installing the latest firmware. The recording quality is poor and the refreshing is not fast enough. After updating the firmware, the product works well.

2- When you’re watching a video, if you press on STOP, you have to restart the video from the beggining. You can’t fast forward rapidly. To avoid this, it should work like a DVD player :
  Pressing the “Fast Forward” button
  1 time = 1x fast
  2 times = 2x fast
  3 times = 4x fast
  4 times = 8x fast
  5 times = 16x fast
  6 times = 1x fast
  Then press “Play/Pause” to play the video at normal speed.

3- When recording in full quality, we lose the TV image but not the sound. This is ridiculous! It should return to the “normal” television image.

4- When using the remote control and by pressing on any buttons, an icon corresponding to the button should appear on the TV to confirm that this button was pressed.

5- Sometimes nothing happens when playing a video . There is a blank screen. You have to press “Stop” and “Play” to retry.

6- There should be an option to clear the menu to go back to the TV without powering down the device.

7- It should have a place where we can see the free space on the flash card and an evaluation of the remaining time according to the selected quality.

I hope you will upgrade the current firmware and add those options to your product.

Thank you.

i had just bought the TakeTV when I seen the v-mate on the web site. i was thinking about getting one myself but then i though about the fact i’ll be needing a dtv converter and if i’m not mistaken both the dtv cnvtr and the v-mate use the same inputs. if there is a way to use both i would like to know, then i’ll buy for sure. btw is there anyway to use usb flash drives as storage. i know they have usb readers for sd cards but are there any that work the other way around -usb to card slot-??