Need remote, power supply, A/V cables, and IR emitter

Hello, I just purchased a V-Mate from Amazon, but it only came with the USB cable and the unit itself. The seller claims she only used it as a card reader and never received all of the “other” things. Well, that makes it pretty useless unless I can find a power supply, remote control, IR emitter, and 2 A/V cables. Does anyone know where I can find these?

I do have a Philips TS1000 Pronto programmable remote if someone has the ccf file they could share with me. I can also “butcher” up a power supply, and I have an IR emitter from an old JVC VCR if someone can tell me if it will work. I also have a 4 pin mini connector to A/V cables from an old video camera, but I would need to know what the pinout is, that V-Mate uses.

I know this sounds like  a lot of work, but I was really excited to try this thing, and then it came with all the parts missing!

Thanks for any help.


You’d probably be better off returning it and buying one from from a ‘real’ dealer, maybe a brick & mortar store. This way you’d get a waranty and you’d have the support of somewhere to return it for any warranty issues or go for any missing parts.

Thanks Tapeworm - that is exactly what I did - returned the unit. Not sure I really need to pursue this device anymore - I really wanted it for the ability to change channels using the IR emitter and schedule timed recordings on my DVR; the recordings on flash memory was just a bonus. Not sure the emitter would have controlled my cable supplied box anyway. I really did want to try it, oh well, I guess it was not to be.