using sansa clip usb cable with sansa clip plus?

I recently lost the usb cable for my sansa clip plus, and tried to use the one I have from my old sansa clip.  it connected and detected it and started charging and everything, and I synced some songs, but when I disconnected it the songs didn’t show up on my clip plus.  Anyone know if I can make this arrangement work?  Thanks!

I use the mini-usb cables from several products interchangeably, including those from my Clip & Clip+ & my digital camera, etc.  The mini-usb is a standard cable you can buy about anywhere, not a proprietary cable like the Sansa Fuze requires.   The cable shouldn’t be the problem.

I’ve only had one mini-usb cable fail because it wasn’t a “data” cable so although it could charge, it couldn’t transfer data (in this case, the cable had been advertised as a data cable and so it was replaced by the vendor). 

Look on your Clip+ under “Music | Folders” to find the songs if you know where you put them in the folder structure.  One possibility is the individual songs aren’t tagged properly so you can’t find them easily in the database (ie, perhaps they’re hiding under “Unknown” somewhere). 

All Sandisk music players sold lately use an industry standard USB to mini-USB cable, nothing proprietary.  Any proper cable should work.  You may have a bum data cable.