Urgent question

I have a project and need more than 2000 of SanDisk Cruzer Fit. I need to know if it meets our project requirements or not? What Is your suggestion USB flash for our project?

1:All USB drive are attached in case of device and working all day long.

2:We usually read 200 MB from it twice per day during device startup process.

3:During 24 hours of long working we write approx. 20 MB on USB every 1 hour.

4:Our devices are working 24/7

5:Our three important factors are: Reliability (Working functional in 24 hours without any read/write problem), Enough write(Above 10 MB/S) and read(Above 20 MB/S) speed,Ability to works in up to 60C environment.


i think in that case that you will need specialized drives for this use since the cruzer fit is a normal retail drive that is designed to work on a normal computer as a storage device and not as a device for 24/7 usage. 

so i suggest either contacting the oem support of Sandisk to see their suggestions on specialized drives or you can also contact the support to see maybe they can suggest you a better model rather than the fit. 

here you can contact the oem channel


here you can contact the support


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