Upgrade Stock Dell XPS

I have a Dell XPS with 2 hard drives setup with RAID0. My plan is to upgrade to a SanDisk 240 Extreme. It’s going to be a clean install of Win7U64. I want to use the SSD as my bootable drive and use the 2 hard drives as storage or for programs. What would I be looking to do to make this a smooth process 

all you really need to do is change your BIOS SATA setting to AHCI, connect the SSD and install the OS. Other than that it would just be getting your data backed up so you can restore it and use your current 2 disks as storage. 

That’s the way I see it as well. Not sure if my BIOS is set to AHCI or not. Right now my RAID settings show up on boot. I do have one more question, once I have the SSD installed can I re-use my HD’s in a RAID config even though neither one will be used for the OS?