Ultra SDHC: died while shooting, now 31 Mb RAW partition and can't format


About a month ago I purchased a Sandisk Ultra SDHC 30Mb/s memory card, and yesterday it died right in the camera while I was taking a picture. Now in the Windows Disk Management console I see an RAW partition with 31 megabytes size, which cannot be deleted or formatted. The same thing happens in the camera I used the card with (the Fujifilm X-Pro 1). My Panasonic video camera refuses formatting the card.

The most important question is - is it possible to restore pictures from this card and what should I do for it.

Guys, anybody home? :smiley:

You can try formatting the card. It will erase data if it works. If format completes you can try using data recovery program to recover the images.

That said there is not a good chance format will work. This is usually an indication of a failed card. If you need the data you can try sending to a company that provides data recovery services. Other than that the card will need to be replaced.