Track order, tagging and formats - simple explanation please?

OK, well I have updated my Fuze to the 1.01.22f version firmware as shown in the System Settings->Info details.

Nearly all of my music is encoded in Ogg Vorbis format, I do have some MP3 encoded music that are tagged with ID3v2.3 tags.

Now, despite much fiddling about, I cannot get my multi-disk albums where the files are all contained in a single directory to play in the Disk 1, Disk 2 etc order, I always get Disk 1 Track 1, followed by Disk 2 Track 1, Disk 1 Track 2  etc. I have put most of the effort into trying to get the Ogg files to work properly. The problem remains in both internal and microSD storage so I don’t think that other posts I’ve seen suggesting that microSD is not correctly ordered is all of my problem.

What I’m trying to understand is, am I assuming that Ogg file folders respect the Disk number tag in all formats or is it only ID3 tagged files that do this properly currently?

And can someone explain what is the correct thing to do with ISO-8859-1, UTF8 and other char sets? I assume this doesn’t apply for Ogg files, or does it?

Not easy to follow all the complexities of this.

I like my Fuze, but it surely would be easier if I could see what it thinks a track contains tag-wise!

Not sure if disk number tag is supported for Ogg/FLAC.  Currently, Ogg/FLAC files use Vorbis Comments as the tag format.  I believe Sansafix posted that they might be adding support for ID3 tags with Ogg/FLAC.

For MP3, ID3v2.3 ISO is currently the only fully supported tag format.  The new FW added support for the disk number tag.  ID3v1 and 2.4 and the UTF encodings are either not supported or not reliable at this time.

Since disk number support is very hit or miss among various devices/software, I always include the disk number in the Album tag (i.e. “AlbumName (CD#)”).

Well, I can only say that I’d like to see a detailed explanation of what is, and isn’t supported.

I find it strange that the Discnumber tag is not definitely supported in Ogg and FLAC files, surely the way it works is initially the file format is checked and one finding what format is being read the relevant code is called. Then the tags are found, read out into a standard format buffer and processed according to what is supported. That way you only need one routine that parses tags, and a small separate routine that finds the tags for each format.

At least, that’s what I expect to have.

If there is a detailed guide then I have yet to find it.

They only just added Ogg & FLAC support.  I’m sure they’ll get it worked out.  I know they are working on tag format issues for the next FW (adding ID3v2.4, adding ID3 support to Ogg & FLAC, etc.).  So hoefully all the file formats will be in sync with tag support at that time.

Unfortunately, there is no official doc/spec for tag support.  All we know has been deduced by experiment and postings on the forums.