Thumbnails not populating properly

I believe I have a 128 gb cruzer that I bought in April when my first one was bent and not connecting well. I transferred my pictures from one to the other. Now, I do not get automatic population of the thumbnails as I did on the other one. Only a small portion from each folder populate so I can see them while on the drive rather than opening them with preview on my macbook pro. They will open in preview but I don’t want to do that with each photo. Can anything be done about this?

You should post about this in a Mac forum Nancy. SanDisk doesn’t have photo apps.

I never needed an app to get the scandisk to change the icons to thumbnail photos. Part of them are opening. Most are not. That’s not an app issue.

When you transferred the files did you change their type? gif to png or jpg? Or change their resolution so they are bigger now?

Nope. I thought it was an issue with the files I copied over from a bent Cruzer guide, but new files I just added only show the icon, too, and have to be manually opened individually to see them.