Thank you!

I would just like to send a quick ‘thank you’ to all the folks at SanDisk for the excellent Sansa media player line.

I’ve been using Linux for a number of years, and the poor support given by most players out there really put me off to even owning an MP3 player.
My girlfriend purchased a brand new laptop, and after watching Vista take nearly 5 minutes to boot, and the general sluggish performance of the machine, and how frustrated she was getting with it, I suggested Linux not knowing that she had other devices (such as her MP3 player).  She tried my Linux install, and we had her up and running on Kubuntu on her laptop in no time.  Machine is a very nice piece of hardware, once we got the bloat off it. :wink:

It was after we had her setup and going with Linux that she mentioned her MP3 player.  I sighed, and expected an uphill struggle to get it working.  She handed me her Sansa, plugged it in, and it was instantly recognized as a general mass-storage device.  30 seconds later, and we had Amarok setup to transfer files to it.  The only ‘extra’ she had to remember was, as is the case with all removable media in Linux, to do a proper unmount before just pulling it off the machine.  Not a big deal at all.

After that expirience, and finally finding a need for an MP3 player myself, I sought out a tiny Sansa Clip.  I have been nothing but pleased with my purchase!  Everything works perfectly, even the firmware updates are a breeze.

Again, thank you so much for building a player that doesn’t need propriatary interface software, or oddball connection setups.  I will be seeking out Sansa players for the forseeable future.  :slight_smile:

As a fellow Linux user for the last 10 years, I completely agree.  And, to top it all off, simple drag and drop firmware updates.  THAT is the way it should always be.  Thanks, Sansa!

I agree with the above statements as well.  I don’t use MS Windows or OSX so I looked for a player that worked with Linux and plays Ogg Vorbis files.  The Sansa Clip filled that roll for me.