Best Linux Media player for Sansa Clip Zip?

Currently using Banshee on Linux Mint but it isnt seeing my new clip zip. Whats the best media player to use for managing my music between pc and sansa. 

No media player required, as long as you can copy and paste.

Yeah that I can do.

Trouble is my previous Ipod filed everything with total weirdo names so opening files doesnt help me know whats in there unless I open all 200+ albums. Banshee can identify the albums and tracks and will transfer to Ipod or Cowon, but does not see my Sansa.

Any options here?

OK got it. Set USB mode for  MSC and its all good :smiley:

MSC = M ode of S ansa C hampions!


i recently bought the clip sport model. i have a laptop with linux and use manjaro. i cant find a pc player that works with this one. rockbox doesnt include the clip sport model in its list and doesnt recognize it. im not very computer savvy. any help?

i recently acquired a sansa clip sport media player. i have a laptop that runs linux. havent been able to find a pc media player that works with the clip sport. rockbox doesnt seem to work with it. im not very computer savvy. any help?

If you want to use Rockbox, instead buy and use the Clip+ or Clip Zip, both of which are supported by Rockbox.  I don’t use Linux myself, but the Sport packaging says that it is compatible with Linux.