Takes forever to refresh media

Hi I’m using a mac with the Clip + and after I put songs in it takes forever to refresh the media ( it looks like the bar is not moving) is it just because some of the files are long? (20mins movements from symphonies) or could it be the OGG files not working on the Cllip+?

I use both ogg vorbis, and have long tracks  - at least a couple of 16 min tracks. The media refresh takes a sensible time (1-2 min for ~5G of music).

So, I’m guessing this isn’t down to the use of vorbis. I also don’t see why using a Mac should be an issue (but just in case, make sure you use MSC - not even sure if MTP works at all).

What size clip, what size download of music, is it a completely fresh install of music or are you adding to the clip, and finally are you using an external card. Running these debugs (if you don’t already run the most basic) and providing more info should help pin point the issue for others to help.

And, just to stir the pot - check the battery life, give it a full charge and see how long it plays for. I’m only getting 4-5 hrs, a few others are also seeing this issue.

I have a Clip + 4GB wth an 8 GB Micro SD.

After loading new content ( usually FLAC, sometimes mp3 ) it takes 30-40 seconds to refresh, max.

Lots of jamband content with long songs as well.

Not a problem for me at all.

I drag / drop in MSC mode.

Refresh time is more related to the number of files present than the size of said files.:wink:

I just got a 8GB Clip +. I loaded 7 GB of music last night. The “refresh” was still running after 8 hours overnight. Files are all ogg with replaygain coding. After some tests, I have been able to isolate it to a specific album after removing all to ten albums. It complete quickly until adding a specific album. I am guessing a problem with the ID3 tags is crashing the firmware. I plan to try to isolate a specific song and will them start looking at ID3 tags.

After looking at the ID3 tags, I tested removing a “?” character from the ALBUM tag (was Are You Experienced?). The refresh completed without a problem. Added the “?” back, and the refresh hung/crashed. This is definitely a firmware bug. It is hard to say which ID3 tags might cause the issue (all of them?) and which characters might be capable of causing a problem. The “?” is pretty benign compared to high order ISO-8859-1 characters.  My mode of operation has been file copy from a Linux box. I’ll try installing the enclosed software on a Windoze machine and see if I still have a problem. Now to find out how to file a bug report.

Vic255 - you might see if you have any “special” characters in the song title, album title, artist names etc.

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The issue with the refresh not complete is more complex than a set of characters that can’t be specified in ID3 tags. I have experimented with a number of characters and have found ogg files with no apparent tags problems that will still cause the firmware to crash or hang. I have spent way too much time messing with this player. I regret my purchase. Maybe if and when a new firmware package is available …

Looks like a similar problem has been discuessed here in the Fuze Forum, regarding Vorbis Comments.  Have a look at the post and see if this might lead you down the right path.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the link Bob! Last night I wrote a program to filter Vorbis comments. I also have a done a lot of experiments with EasyTag to modify the comments. I still have many files which hang the player. I just can’t see any pattern to what is good and what is bad. I have tested about 8GB of music so far, and only about 60% will not cause a crash. At this point I just hope the next firmware upgrade solves this issue, as the trial and error of load an album at a time is very tedious.