Support needed for retrieving deleted photos off SanDisk memory card

I am working with a Canon PowershotS90.  Last week I accidentally made a huge mistake and in uploading some pictures from a company event to my work computer I accidentally deleted all of the pictures from the removable drive, the canon powersource drive that opens when you connect to the computer. 

This was my bosses camera so I thought I was doing the right thing and deleting them from this folder so that they wouldn’t be traceable on the work computer, since the camera had transferred the company photos I needed as well as his personal vacation pictures.  I didn’t realize that in deleting all of the albums from this folder I would also be deleting them from the camera.

This is probably a very obvious stupid mistake to most people, but I really feel horrible because I deleted all of my bosses pictures from a very recent vacation. 

I’ve done some research and have read that the photos should still be saved on the memory card, which is a SanDisk, as long as I havent taken any more pictures or written over it with anything new, which I have not.

Just to be clear, these photos were deleted from the computer, not manually from the camera.

I need support on the best way that exists to retrieve these photos…any software or recovery programs or cost effective ways of trying to recover these photos would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Try to use a SD card recovery software. Download the demo version of the software from . Demo version will help you to see the preview of the lost photos. 

You can use memory card photo recovery tool, take a look at this step by step guide:

SanDisk memory card data recovery

hope this helps.

This one also a easy and fast option to recover photo,songs, videos and many more items from you storage device that support mac os. And the great thing about this software is that, its fast recovery process and also comes with free to download trial version. I had used this software 2 times and completely satisfied. You can download this software from here:

In my experiences, as long as you’ve not overwritten your deleted pictures with anything new on the same camera memory card, you do have a big chance to get them all back.
Here are some detailed steps that can help you out:
Step1. Stop using this camera in case that any new file would rewrite your original photos.
Step2. Insert this camera to your computer and prepare to restore your photos.
Step3. Download deleted photo recovery program to help you. In fact, there are many similar data recovery tools out there. But, no all of them could be efficient and useful enough. So, you should pay much attention to opt for a proper one.
So, if you are interested, you can firstly try some data recovery freeware available online that always work much more efficiently than some paid ones, such as Photo Recovery software.
Step4. Save and retrieve deleted photos from camera memory card or drive in case of data recovery failure.
Note: Next time, you’d better back up all your important photos on different memory cards or drives in case of the similar data recovery problems.

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Actually SanDisk does not provide data recovery support. It is better to go for your own good recovery software like Remo Recover that could recover the data easily. 

Try photo data recovery software and recovery deleted photo.
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To restore any memory card use a backup file to recover your data but in case you don’t have backup file then use a third party SanDisk memory card recovery tool. Using this tool is such a good for new user because it is easy to operate. 

I was in this issue before. I searched online and found some photo recovery tool called Amrev photo Recovery. It helps me get all important photos. You can take a try

Dont worry as you can recover your data from SanDisk card. Watch this video tutorial on YouTube for all sort of help.