SSD randomly disconnecting

Hey there, i recently installed a sandisk extreme 240GB into the main slot of an alienware m17xr4 laptop. Recently, during use (such as while playing games), it will randomly disconnect, and will not be useable until a reboot of the computer. Just wondering if this is common, or if there is a solution.

I have tried unplugging and reseating the hardrive, but this still happens.

EDIT: Just checked the toolbox, it passes SMART, but i noticed that the raw value for unexpected power loss is 7. So i’m guessing its a power issue?

Cheers guys

if it stops responding to the point you have to hard boot it (hold power button until it shuts off) that will account for the unexpected power loss value.

It sounds more like a hanging or freezing issue. Try disabeling HIPM. you can find instructions at the link below. 

I have 2 Sandisk Extreme SSDs - a 120 and a 480.

While the 480 is rock solid, the 120 randomly disconnects from the SATA bus.

I’ve tried it on both of the on-board Intel types (SATA 3 and SATA 2), On board Marvell, on board j-micron, and a PCI-E Marvell controller. It randomly disconnects on all of them.

SMART reports everything is fine.

3 240 extremes here. No random disconnect issues on any of them.

@TEAGaspode: Have you switched the SATA-Cable? May be it is defect?

By the way, as long as this unit is not droped or something. I would check on the warranty. 

Yes, I’ve switched cables and controllers.

Hi. If this randomly disconnects, check out the Windows event viewer. Usually you’ll get clues onto which is causing this for you. 

Just before it disconnects I get a series of:

The IO operation at logical block address <changes> for Disk 1 was retried.

Followed eventually by:

The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.

At which point it is gone until a power cycle.