SSD makes computer EXTREMELY slow, freezes

What the title says, basically. When I search for backup drives in Windows 10 Backup with the SSD plugged in, it endlessly searches. When I unplug the drive, it pulls up all available drives immediately. When I go to click on the folder - especially right-clicking - everything slows up or freezes entirely. I unplug, everything’s fine. I can’t seem to find a firmware update, and using device manager to uninstall/reinstall didn’t help.

I’m super disappointed and frustrated right now and could really use some help here, please and thanks.

Lord have mercy, I’m answering my own question here.

The answer is as stupidly simple as me having used a different cable from the one that came with the drive.

I feel like a bit of a moron, but I’m going to leave this post up here for anyone else who may have made the same mistake because they needed a longer cable than the one provided. Oof.