SSD 128 seems poor performance

Hi, I’m new here and first of all sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian, I hope you understand
I have this SDSSDP128G
on my Netbook Lenovo S205 3GB ram on Seven HP 64bit
Is a Netbook with AMD Fusion APU Zacate E350 and sata II
I know AMD is not good as Intel on driver, chip, sata performings but my result are realy strange.
Bios is set for Ahci Sata and Win7 registry said it set for ahci too

You can see here pics with some benchmarks tools

I  made tweeks on my 7 to best perform SSD, trim is active and my drivers and bios are updated.
I know is a poor pc with probably poor sata 2 controller so I can’t reach top scores but IMHO it seems realy poor at the moment. Even if is better than my previus noisy 5200 RPM HD. What can be the problem, I know nothing about this SSD and there are not so many info on the net or product site, I think is a sandforce controller ssd

Thanks in advance if someone can help me

Same here. Replaced my old OCZ Onyx 32 GB with Sandisk SSD 64 GB. My old Onyx is even faster!

When copying/deleting lots of small files, my old HDD (Samsung, 500 GB) is faster.

the problem are small files and the access time that is realy poor 0,700 ms 

People with my same pc and other ssd can reach 0.07 ms in access time that is 10 times better

I choose Sandisk because I like the brand and I have sd, micro sd, pendrive … is a great company.

At the moment seems not been so great in ssd,

I hope seen as soon as possible a new firmware, this can help with a performance boost. 

This is the slowest cheapest SSD sandisk makes. Even on a SATA 6Gb bus the write performance is only 350MB/s. Considering you guys are on SATA 3Gb bus the performance you all are getting would seem to be normal. I doubt any firmware release would change that. 

Exactly the same results here to.

Very poor speeds.

Sandisk needs to do something quickly…

what you guys are seeing is the speed of the drive. I am not sure what you want to be fixed this is the performance of the drive. this is a lowend SSD that is not high performance like the extreme line. 

this SSD cost as Samsung830 that is a top performance ssd so please stop sayng is a lowend ssd … if Sandisk want stay in this business it need make firmware and need make better ssd perfonmance product.

Or people don’t buy it prefering others products, is the business

This is SanDisk low end SSD any way you want to look at  it regardless of what competitors SSD cost.  

Yes, this is a low-end drive. My OCZ Onyx 32 GB was also a low-end drive on its days. But the Sandisk SSD is newer, so it should be at least as fast as my old Onyx.

I know that benchmarking shows faster results for the Sandisk SSD compared to the Onyx. It just does not feel faster.

And still no one could tell me why sometimes deleting lots of small files is very slow compared to my 500 GB Samsung HDD.

As an owner of several other great Sandisk products, I am just a little disappointed.