Speakers or adapter

Is there any kind of speaker system that works direclty with the Fuze through the standard jack instead of the speaker port?   Or is it possible to get some kind of adapter to allow use of a fuse with the various products that are advertised as being compatible with iPOD products?  If not I think that Sansa should consider manufacturing one or both products.  I love the Fuze but it’s frustrating to try to get accesories.

The Fuze (or any mp3 player for that matter) will work with any speaker set-up or ‘dock’ as long as they have a 3.5 mm (1/8") plug that will go into the headphone jack on the player. But do not plug an iPod-designed device into the bottom port of a Sansa player. They look very similar and will go in with a little extra effort, but are wired differently so will fry your Sansa.

Computer speakers (preferably the AC-powered ones) work great. You can usually get a decent set for around $30 US. $50 and up if you want a set with a sub-woofer.

This Unit includes a remote control, and can plug into anything that has a “line in” connection, including a set of computer speakers. It connects to the Dock connector on the Fuze (not the headphone jack)

It works great with a Fuze (but not a Fuze+), although it does not include an insert for the Fuze.

That just means that the Fuze is standing up only by the docking connector.

I own one, and would be happy to answer any questions.