Sound cuts off in left audio channel, when rotating the audio jack of headphones on Sansa Clip+


Right now it is quite awkward to get the sound of the left audio channel to stay on, on my Sana Clip+. I have just tried rotating the jack in my MacBook Pro, and there is no sound cutting off at various points in the rotation.

Does anyone know what I mean. It is like I have to align the audio jack perfectly for both audio channels to stay open, and if the audio jack rotates a bit, the left audio channel cuts out, then I have to kind of “twiddle the dial” a bit to get it back.

I assume this is some fault. Anyway to fix this? Has it had it?

I know I can still get both audio channels if I perfect align the audio jack, but a little bit of movement and it may cut off, so I am considering getting a whole new MP3 player…

I think I remember this happening with another MP3 player I had.

Thanks very much,


More likely it’s the male plug of your head/ear/speakers that’s at fault rather than the internal (female) jack.

Might also be the male plug of your head/earphones or speakers that is at fault. Have you tried others?