Sorting of OGG files?


I’ve bought a Fuze+ because sadly, my old Fuze (I miss the scroll wheel, alas!) broke after 18 months – the headphone jack didn’t work anymore. When I put back on my music I was a little annoyed that the tags of some files of some albums weren’t recognized anymore at all, and also: Why the heck are all .ogg files sorted as TIST=$ARTIST_NAME?! Is there any way to make them sort with the rest of the list? Updating to the most recent firmware doesn’t seem to fix it. Also resaving the tags as id3v2.3 doesn’t help (it did for the MP3s that weren’t recognized, though).

Sorry to say, but if there already were a Rockbox version for this player, I’d put that on it, because on my old player it solved my trouble with improper reading of tags and weird sorting of songs.



@carbeck wrote:

Why the heck are all .ogg files sorted as TIST=$ARTIST_NAME?!

Did you update the firmware? This was a known issue, and I believe it was corrected in an update.

@tapeworm wrote:

Did you update the firmware?

Yes. I said it didn’t help. Or do I have to delete the files from the player first, then update the database, then put them back on? When I updated the tags of the MP3 files I had to do that because the player didn’t recognize the changes I’d made.


OK, that worked indeed. So:

  • Make sure all ID3 tags are formatted as ID3v2.3 iso-8859-1
  • Update firmware
  • If files aren’t sorted/tagged correctly: 1) move the updated files in question from the player to somewhere else outside of the player and disconnect it from your computer, 2) restart the player to update its database, 3) connect the player to your computer again and copy back the files you’ve just moved, and disconnect again, 4) restart the player to update its database.

Quite impractical :open_mouth:

As pointed out in another thread that two step process (moving files off and on ) to force the fuze+ to

inspect the tags again is not really necessary.

It can be done in one go like this:

  • connect Sansa Fuze+ to your PC and correct the tags as necessary

   - than remove all the files with names starting with  STDB from the root directory of Sansa  drive (MSC mode is assumed here)

       - disconnect sansa

       On next startup those STDB* files are re-created by the firmware and the modified tags should show up.