Songs added to internal mem. or card - how to keep track?


I recently got an 8GB card for my 8GB Clip+. The internal memory is nearly full and I want to load more music onto my new card.

I’m a linux (Ubuntu) user running the clip in MSC mode. 

Has anyone thought of a clever way to keep track of what music has been added to the internal memory? I don’t want to start going through my library adding my ‘favorite stuff’ to the card, only to discover I now have a duplicate on the device. Simply, I don’t want to add any song twice, but can’t think of a simple way to check what I have loaded already without methodically checking, song by song, artist by artist.

I suppose one alternative is to delete all music from the player, then add what I want in one ‘session,’ so I can remember what is on there already. 

Sometimes I load music using Rhythmbox, and other times I just drag and drop.

Open to ideas!



I’m bumping this cause I am wondering the same thing on my fuze. This is my first mp3 player and I’m unfamilier with how they work. I’m not a total dinosaur, I have computers and gps’s and do lots of stuff with them.

I just got a card and am unsure how to best utilize it.

I’m not all that familiar with Linux, but couldn’t you just open up the card using a computer file browser and look at the contents in alphabetical order by file name?

I am also a Ubuntu user and operate my Clip+ in MSC mode. In that mode, the device appears as two separate drives when I plug it in to the computer with the USB cable. This makes it difficult to synchronise music to the device as a whole.

I use my Clip+ so that dynamic content, such as podcasts which are frequently updated, are synchronised with the internal drive. The external drive contains relatively static content, such as music albums from long ago, which I am happy to leave there long-term.

I am not sure if the original poster’s problem was with synchronisation or not; it sounds as though their best solution might simply be to wipe the memory and re-load everything. If that is the problem, they might try synchronising content with the internal drive which is different from that which is synchronised with the external drive. This might entail using two different music managers.

welp, this is what I have done. After I had the bulk of my music ripped on the computer, I reformated the clip, and scrolled halfway down in my library (I am using windows media player). It looked like between k and l was halfway for me so I have a-k on the internal drive, and l to z on the external. This makes it easy to set up identical mulitple devices.

When I add something, I know where it needs to go on the clip by the name.

Oh, I take it off auto and pick a usb mode that is not auto.