Some songs won't play on M240

I recently downloaded about 12 songs and all but 4 of them play on my M240.  Not only don’t they play but nothing happens and I need to take the battery out and replace it to get it back on.  Oddly they do play on my M250.

There was something wrong in the tags on several of them when I first downloaded them but I used an MP3 fix app and that corrected the tags on all of them.  They are all legal and there are no restrictions.

I attempted accessing them from the artists file, the albums file and the song file and they won’t play.

Any ideas?


I have similar problem with m250, bit it seems like this is not about particular files but some area of the player’s memory. Try removing those files, copy some other mp3s to the player and then those that files that were causing problem. After this operation, are the same files causing player to freeze? If yes, then it’s something different than the issue I’ve encountered.