snasa e250 preset files.

hello. i recently bought a sanasa e250 mp3 player, and noticed that there are many files that came with the device that are taking up valuble space.

i’ve already deleted all of the video and picture files trough the computer, but i don’t know how to delete the preset music files. can anyone help me?

Format the device through My Computer, Right click the device in My Computer, and choose format…

Should wipe everything off the player in one fell swoop

thanks so much! worked like a charm! but is there any way to delete specific files insted of getting rid of all of them at the same time?

Of course there is…

If you double click on your player, in My Computer, you should be able to see some folders, from in here, there is a music folder in one of them, and you can find your music this way, and just delete like a normal flash drive. Select the file you want to delete, right click and choose delete.

thanks. i’ll make sure to do that in the future.