SMC won't convert whole file

I use the dvd ripper to rip the movie and it rips the whole movie.Then I use the SMC and it says it converts the whole thing but when I go to access it on my Fuze only half the movie is there.

Why is this happening?

Need more info on what you’re using and how before anyone could even hazard a guess.

Do you have enough memory on your Fuze or card?

Has other movies worked? 

It could also be the movie itself.  I just converted the new Harry Potter 6 to an MP4 to watch on my netbook and it stopped about 20 minutes in.  When I played it again and fast forwarded it to almost that point, it stopped again.  I started it again and moved past that point and it seemed fine (only watched about an hour of it).  I think it’s the movie makers to prevent copying and selling illegally.   I used WMP to watch it and could click further down the movie to see if it would play because the file was as large as the other HP movies.  Not sure if you can FF to past the point on your player but could try that.  Do you still have the converted one before the SMC?  Maybe try to play that on your computer and see what happens.

So it’s possibly not SMC or the player your using.  It’s the way the dvd is made when trying to convert.