Slow transfer speed for ixpand 256gb in Win 10

Need some help.

i am only getting transfer speeds of up to 10Mbps for the 256gb 3.0 on 2 Win 10 machines. 

Is there an issue or Driver update required for Win 10?

any help is much appreciated

it uses the native MSC driver so there is no updated drviers availble from sandisk. you could check the computer of motherboard manufacturer to see if there is a possible USB chipset update availble for your computer. 

that being said you are using a usb 3 port correct? if so are you getitng 10MB/s write or onlt 10MB/s read? these devices are not really performace devices so what you are seeing may be normal. can you post a benchmark result from crystal disk mark? 

Thanks for your reply. No issue with the USB drivers. Works for other devices. Did ATTO benchmark and the write is 10 Mbps and read is 80 Mbps…is that even possible? 

yes that is very possible. the drive is not a performance drive and has no advertised transfer speed. what you are seeing is likely normal for that capacity.