Slotradio Card Deals

I haven’t pursued deals in a while so this may be old news to the rest of you.


Watch closely and move quickly. 

Radio Shack

I went by my local Radio Shack store several times from November 16th to November 21 looking for

deals on the Slotradio cards.  No dice.  Then, on Saturday the 21st about 5PM, I checked their 

website and noticed that the price was 24.99. I called the store and asked if it was an internet only 

price. Nope, that’s the sale price in the store, but the sale ends tonight .  I asked how I would know

that they were on sale. The response “You could ask” was classic, but I complained on their website

and they are sending me a $15 gift card. 

Best Buy

I signed up for slotradio card deals and discovered a $25.99 deal last Friday.  I thought I signed up 

earlier in the week, but I didn’t hear about deals until Friday. By the time I got to Best Buy they only 

had Oldies and Hip-Hop. 


SanDisk is having a 75% sale on SlotRadio to Go with a card for $29.99\_US&Env=BASE&parentCategoryID=26786100&categoryID=27176100&resid=4gF7ngoBAkYAAFKiCFwAAAAT&rests=1259544498851

The associates at your local Radio Shack certainly didn’t give you good customer service.  The one near me has associates that are very helpful and knowledgeable.