Short battery life

I’ve had my no-wifi Connect for about a week now and on a 2 hour motorcycle ride the battery drain looks to be about 2/3 by the power icon.  Is this normal?  I was expecting at least 8 hours of music lisitening from it between charges. 

So far I’ve set the screen brightness to 40% and the backlight timer to 5 seconds but I haven’t had a chance to try it since I made this changes.   Right now I’m thinking I got one that has a bad battery right out of the box…


Yeah, that’s not normal.  With the settings you have, you should get at least 8 hours.

I will eMail tech support and see what they say.  I hate to send it back.  The first one I got died shortly after I got it then I sent it back and got this one.  I’m sure it’s just bad luck but this ■■■■■…


Where did you get your second one?

The Sansa Connect is discontinued, so not sure what SanDisk will be able to do for you …

I don’t know much about motorcycles, but can you wire in a USB adapter?  That way you can deliver a continuous charge to the Connect while it’s playing.

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Tech support told me to run the restore utility.  With the luck I had with that on the first one I bought, I’m not inclinded to try that again.  I charged it up and ran it down a couple times now I’m getting about 8 hours out of it and that’s acceptable.

I have a big bike and I’m going to wire in a cigarette lighter socket so I can plug in a USB charger.  That way I can charge it up on camping trips. still has them in stock.  I bought one a few weeks ago that crapped out when I tried to update the firmware.  I sent it back for warranty replacement and ordered another one so I wouldn’t have to wait on the warranty process.  The other one came back yesterday and I’m going to test it out and give it to my daughter that went nuts when she saw mine.

I’d like to see longer battery life but it’s good enough and a much better deal than the current ones


Be careful with the Recovery Tool; Sandisk recently put out a new version that will remove the WiFi functions.  If that happens, and you want the WiFi functions back, follow this thread:

Just an idea, but does anybody know what kind of battery the Connect has?  If it’s a NiCd, the short battery charge would be due to the infamous memory issue with NiCds.


I just checked, and the Connect should be running on a lithium-ion pack.

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