SDXC Extreme Plus 64GB - damaged, recovery, freezes explorer

I have a problem with SDXC Extreme Plus 64GB (exfat). It is authentic Sandisk for sure. I used it only for 3 months with Panasonic GH2 camera (jpg, rw2, mts files). Suddenly one day I had problems to read it on computer and camera told I have to format it before use. I want to copy everything I can with use of all possible programs before I send it for replacement. But explorer freezes when I try to open or copy some of the files (some don’t freeze explorer). It might be that reading damaged sectors makes it to freeze. I think card is damaged and can’t be repaired, because I can’t add or delete anything neither use chkdsk nor formart it.

I think it happened when I removed sd card from reader after I copied one photo to pc.

I tried to read files on many  computers with Win 7, Win 8.1,  Win 10  and Mac Os 10.8 with many card readers. In most cases I can see card and list of files and information about card is correct (capacity and free space). Win 10 Explorer freezes when card is connected. Mac os doesn’t want to mount it, but sees that something is connected, after some time card gets mounted and I can see files on card in Finder. Some files I can open, copy without problem untill I touch other ones or even load a thumbnail. Then explorer/finder freezes and I can’t copy or open any file even ones that opened before. If I close picture preview window it unfreezes or I have to remove and connect sd card again to unfreeze and view good files. When card freezes there is no information about capacity and free space, only exfat format.

I’ve installed many free and trial version software to do recovery from damaged memory cards, but most of them can only work with good files that don’t hung explorer. When they try to copy bad file, software starts to give errors like ‘no card in reader’, or ‘bad sectors detected’ just hung or copy false files with no data. I can’t make image of the sd card, every software able to make image freezes. Best is Testdisk with which I was able to select files I wanted to copy and most were copied - good ones and some slightly damaged (I couldn’t copy them with explorer). However sometimes all files after damaged one where copied without data, so I had to come back and try again and again. Best solution was to use Testdisk and copy file after file, one at once, but after 1-2 minutes of waiting (file copied or not) remove card, close Testdisk, insert card, open Testdisk and try to copy next one. Testdisk can hang even hours without luck on file! This way I was able to copy most files - all good and some slightly damaged (31,5 GB) and 2,5GB left. I think there are bad sectors which reading stops access to sd card. If there was any software that could wait and jump to next sector it could possibly recover more damaged files and not lock on the beginning or middle of image like Testdisk does. I thought that Unstoppable Copier is good software to this, but sadly on the beginning it cries ‘wrong volume’ and doesn’t want to move and card is locked as it hits same bad sector. Btw HD Tune shows 100% bad sectors :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it’s not possible to reapir this sd card and I have to send it for replacement, but before I do that I want to recover maximum and it can be damaged. Do you know any software that I might try and will help me better than Testdisk? Do you have any idea how to prevent from locking access to read sd card so Unstoppable Copier might be able to do his job?

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Mine is also same issue but in my case its not showing the drive information. It says drive format not recogniged.

Please help with necessary links to recover photos.

just bought the SDXC extreme plus 32GB and I have about the same issue. exept I need to format it into fat32 for a device. when I plug it into my pc my whole computer freeze and crash. tried all my other SD cards got no issues. i’m posting here. but its been 6 years without a single help from the community so I have little to zero hope