SDSA3DD-032G 32G mSATA to SATA Converter - which one will work ?

Greetings , I bought a Sandisk SDSA3DD-032G 32G 32GB SSD and want to use it in a desktop. What type of converter do I need to buy / use to connect it to a Standard SATA connection on a Desktop Motherboard ? Any assistance woudl be appreciated as the forums are a little unclear between “slimline” / Micro / Mini / 15/18/21 pin etc… so please can Sandisk tell me which type of converter do I need to get please. oh , and the possible answer I do not want to ask but will have to ask as well… will this even work as a Desktop replacement HDD as it was designed for a tablet ?

Kind Regards

Donald Maherry

Hi Dukland,

Sorry but I can’t answer your question but I was hoping that you had maybe got an answer outside this forum and could help me.

If not then at least you know there is another frustrated xSATA disk owner where “x” is an unknown form factor!

I have a Sandisk SDSA5DK-128G Solid State Disk (SSD) from a damaged Samsung notebook and I want to find what form factor it is.  Everything I can find via the lovely Google indicates it is mSATA.  So I bought an mSATA to 2.5" SATA convertor so I put it in to  a widely available 2.5" SATA caddy.  But when the convertor came it doesn’t fit.  It nearly does, very nearly, but not nearly enough - the gap between the two sets of pins is wider than on the SSD.

So I thought I would contact Sandisk - but I can’t because their “contact us” links don’t work.

So then I tried the forum and here I am am.


@jonwatkins wrote:


So I thought I would contact Sandisk - but I can’t because their “contact us” links don’t work.


Which ones? They work fine for me.

There are several different form factors of these products. All are based off of mSATA but some are custom designs. SanDisk only sells these product OEM and does not manufacture any adapters. Your best bet for any adapter would be the host manufacturer but since these are not available retail that may not be an option either. 

I think I’ll just have to keep trying.  It’ll be quicker to take an Electronics degree and build my own :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply though.

p.s. sorry for delay in replying, I didn’t tick the email box!