I’m confused.  I’ve just bought an HTC Desire 510 mobile phone that takes a microSD card. While researching on the internet I came across the statement: “An SD card reading device will not support the newer SDHC standard” ( So my phone needs a microSD card, not an SDHC card. However, on this site (the Sandisk site) all of the cards listed under SD cards are either named or described as SDHC or SDXC. There don’t appear to be any SD cards! I would be grateful if someone could clear up my confusion.

An “SD” card is sometimes used as a generic term to describe a memory card. When originally developed, they were quite small (by today’s standards). Over the years, techology and manufacturing has advanced to allow larger memory storage on these cards.

In essence:

SD > up to 2GB

SDHC > 4 - 32GB

SDXC > over 32 GB

Both the SDHC (High Capacity) and SDXC (X-Treme Capacity) are different formats than the old SD format. Newer devices that use these cards are usually backward-compatible, but not (usually) forward-compatible since they were manufactured before the newer card technology was developed.

Bottom line for your situation is to check your phone’s specs to see waht SD format it supports. A quick Google search on your phone model revealed the 1st hit as the manufacturer’s web page on this phone. If you click on the Specs link, you’ll find all the technical specifications including those for the Memory.

It says:

Total storage: 4GB/8GB, available capacity varies
Expansion card slot supports microSD™ memory card for up to 128GB additional storage (card not included)

Note the last line. Your phone does indeed support (ie. can read and use) any card up to 128GB which includes SDXC. So you can use any micro-sized memory card your little heart desires (and your budget or wallet can afford). :wink:

Hope this clears things up and helps.

That does indeed clear things up Tapeworm. Many thanks for your very detailed reply, and for doing the online research that makes your reply specific to my situation. Your reply couldn’t have been clearer … many thanks. Now, off to buy a 32GB SDHC!

Your welcome. All this technology is indeed confusing when first encountering it, huh?


For getting best solution to your confusion is directly contact with HTC Mobile Phone Support Community , they will provide you full assitance support or try second way that is to check Htc Desire 510 Manual and read Storage Section from it. I hope this section will surely help you and clear out your all confusion. 

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