Scroll Wheel Problem

Hello, couple of days ago just listening some music in school I took my Sansa Fuze to my hand and tried to scroll on the scroll wheel. It felt not so smooth as it used to be, it felt perfectly smooth when I scrolled on the left side of the wheel but when I scroll on the right side it feels… well scratcy, like it’s hitting the edge or something. Now I know this isn’t a major problem but it still bugs the hell out of me cause I’m sort of a perfectionist.

I didn’t do anything to my player it just was literally sitting on my pocket (Inside the protection pocket) and I have no idea what made this happen.

EDIT: Also it does make a little sound like it’s hitting something when you spin it on the right side. Also I don’t know how tight the wheel should be so should it rock back and forth even a little bit when you touch it.

How could I fix this problem?

Message Edited by Mallas on 09-13-2009 03:39 AM