save link as

Just got my clip (4 gig).

With another mp3 player i can save mp3 files from the web (like on espn podcast page) by right click “download” , “save link as”, and a window appears where I can go to the player and directly download the mp3 file. I tried it with the clip and got a “you cannot save here, please try another location”. It does not matter which folder I try to file the mp3 in, I get the same message.

There is no problem downloading the mp3 to my computer and then droping the file on the clip, byt why do I have to go through an additional step that is not needed on my el chepo Coby?

Any help appreciated.

Solved. The usb setting was automatic so changed it to msc and can now download using “save clip as”.

I did try searching with “save as” but the solution showd up with the “cannot save here…”

MSC is the Mode of Sansa Champions! :smileyvery-happy: