Sansaclip+ 8GB how do I change the language of the menus?

I have been given a Sansaclip+ 8Gb but the language is set to arabic ( I think ).

How do I reset the languaage to English as I dont understand Arabic.

The device is operational and the music title text is displayed in English but the menus I cannot understand .

If you can follow the menus, resetting the player to its defaults under its Settings menu could serve you. But easiest simply might just be, apply the latest firmware to the player (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum), in the course of which you’ll be asked to set the language.

See this KnowledgeBase article:

English should be the top (1st) choice.

Thanks for your help. I succeeded by using the the link to the knowledgebase info.

Worked like a dream. Wonderful

Worked like a dream. Here is one happy chappy. Thanks for your help :