Sansa video problem

ok I’ve come across a pretty wierd problem in my sansa fuze.

Everytime I drag and drop a video from my PC to the folder labelled VIDEO in my sansa folder it just shows up as music on my sansa screen.

please help, since I got it just because I wanted to look at videos too.

Message Edited by Gauffin on 01-02-2009 04:30 PM

Drag and drop for videos wont work unfortunatly, I have never heard about it playing as an audio file. If you want to put videos on your fuze you need to Download Sansa Media Converter. The way may people have suggested is to use somethng like WinAvi or another media converter to make the files fit the specs of the fuze then run it thru SMC to put it on your fuze.

Sansa Media Converter works perfectly.