“Sansa slotRadio player”

“Sansa slotRadio player” (small, square, metal case, silver color):

1, Q: Is it be possible to open the device and replace the battery? I realize the battery is not intended to be changed but new slotRadio card players are unavailable and I have 5 slotRadio cards. Please give me the battery number.

2, Q: Is there a way to recover the songs that are on a slotRadio card in order to play them on any MP3 player?

I don’t know of anybody bothering to try and replace the battery in one of these players, so if you want to attempt it, you’re on your own.

But the SlotRadio and SlotMusic cards can be played on any of the newer Sansa mp3 players; I don’t think they’ll work on another brand though. And no, there is no way to copy or move the songs to another plain memory card.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you.