Sansa Fuze Crashed, need a way to restart it.

I was charging my Fuze yesterday and when I came back to use it, it crashed and is completely unresponsive to all the buttons. Is there any way I can reset it without just letting the battery run out? Is there any other problem that I should know about?

This has been said a great many time. Hold up the power button (some people will say 15-20 seconds, other people will say 16 seconds, others will say a minute), then release, then try to turn it on again.

Hold button up for 15 seconds to jumpstart it. Keep in mind though, you’re performing a factory reset, so if you customized any settings ( backlight, power saver, brightness, etc.) it gets set back to factory settings, so you’ll have to go back to SYSTEM SETTINGS and change back to your preference.

  Mine freezes up sometimes too, but no worries, all of your media that you’ve put in there never gets deleted. It seldom happens. Just jumpstart the lil’ badboy. Small price to pay for something so small that can do so much. 

Mine has NEVER done this, dunno if it’s beginners luck (this is my first Sansa ever), or something else.