Sansa freezes after specific Flac!

Hi guys, I’m new here…

Just bought the Sansa Clip+ a couple of weeks ago, to which I updated the latest firmwire immediately, and ripped an album in FLAC and played perfectly. Yesterday I ripped two Cds (also in FLAC) with dbpoweramp ripper and on specific songs the CLIP freezes… I then read something about it and downloaded EAC and followed all the recomendations for a perfect FLAC rip. To my surprise the music sounded MUCH better, but continuing to freez on the same exact songs, even if it was named differently (unknow artist instead of the correct information)

Do you guys know what is happening?? I have the feeling my computer is doing something wrong when ripping my Cds, because I add a long album I downloaded in FLAC and sounded perfectly and never frozen.

thank you so much in advance !

Is EAC giving you any errors or low accuracy percentage when ripping the CD?

No, forgot to mention that in both, dbpoweramp and EAC has been ACCURATE RIP… just the name (tag?) has changed, but error on the same tracks