sansa clip not play flac frimware is 1.1.30f1 how fix it

hi all

sansa clip not play flac frimware is 1.1.30f1 how fix it

i need software for convert mp3 to flac,plz guide me .because i want test flac on sansa clip


It plays FLAC just fine.  There’s likely a problem with your files.  Either they are not properly encoded or you are using ID3 tags.  The Clip only supports the normal Vobis Comment tags for FLAC/Ogg.  MP3Tag should be able to fix your tags if that’s the problem.

Also, there’s no reason to convert MP3 to FLAC.  It will sound the same as the MP3 but you’ll have much bigger files.  If you want to get the benefit of FLAC (or any lossless format) you need to rerip your CDs.

hi skin job thank u

i want that test playing flac file on sansa clip . so i try mp3 convert to flac via other software. or rip music to flac if it is posssible via meial player 11 or winamp. because i have not flac file for my testung, 

another problem winampe automaticallluy  close  when i synchrinise with sansa clip!!!

 i wish that sansa solve voice recorder bitrate and format file becuse it has  very weak option on this field,


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