Sansa e250...formatted but when shows files when connected to the computer?

I’ve had issues with this player before, but had managed to fix them. This time, I tried playing music and had the “Bad File” box come up. So I connected the player to my computer and right clicked the device and formatted. So turning the player on, it showed there were no files under music. When I connected it to my computer to put new music on, I still have files that pop up, some of them old song files (they don’t open when I click them) and some that are called just weird things like “@” or “ÿÿe”. 

I’ve tried deleting these, and they do. But when I disconnect and reconnect, the files appear again. Is there any way to do a full system reboot? What should my next plan of attack be?

Thanks in advance!

You need to run ChkDsk to repair those fragmented files before you can delete them.