Sansa Clip Wish List

Miikerman touched on an interesting point: the EQ display is visible only for “custom”. 

The yellow band display shows “Custom EQ” while the “sliders” are in the blue section. For all others (presets), the display is a menu only. 

I think SanDisk opted to minimize confusion during the EQ mode.  Note the “nav right” arrows available in all EQ menu choices.  If the user presses the right button, in anything but “custom” that choice is held, and we are moved to the “equalizer” option within “settings”.

If “custom” is selected, a press of the “right” button moves us to the graphic EQ “sliders”, and the left/right navigation buttons will select a slider (band) while up/down will move the slider.  The “hint” to the user, on what to do next, is the pointer below each slider.  Pressing the center button finishes the selection, as will the “home” button.

If we try to navigate forward, or right, in any of the presets, we’re bumped back.  Perhaps, in the future, a right press will yield a display of the preset settings (the sliders could look narrower, denoting a difference from the “custom” ones).  Maybe if the up/down button is pressed while at this point, the yellow portion will show the preset names as the user scrolls between the choices, with the “custom” ones looking different- meaning user adjustable.

At least we have an EQ option!  I am happy for that.  I like the “jazz” preset personally…


The ability to name each radio preset.

Move FM menu item “View All Presets” to top of menu to alleviate accidental “Delete” or “Auto Presets”

I’m new with MP3 players; the Sansa Clip is my first, and is very impressive except for the lack of bookmarks. I just downloaded Moby **bleep** from netlibrary and find that I can’t fast forward to chapter 86, (which is the place where I am at with the 17 cd version I need to return to the library). The downloaded netlibrary file is about 280MB and I cannot determine anyway to jump to a bookmark or fastforward. 

Ideally, I’d like to have a bookmark set so that I would never have to re-listen to more than about 3 minutes of audio book recitation.  

What I would like to see:

  • Slower scrolling-through-albums/artists-list (do I gather from the first post that the speed has actually been INcreased at some point?)

  • Continue with next album/artist/genre when reaching the end of the currently playing selection, instead of stopping. This could be a selectable option?
    Thanks for your attention!

I think the option to switch artist/album/genre with one button would make Clip an ultimate Zen Stone Plus killer (almost everything else was solved in 01.01.20a firmware). I see it this way: SanDisk guys add an additional item in “Press and hold” submenu conerning switching between either artist or album (there must be an option for the user how to navigate), and as a result we can pass to the artist/album we want within just one long stroke to the central button. What do you think about that? And by the way, it would partly solve the “ID3-only management” problem.

PS please, please, please, add a “Clock” feature! there’s enough unused space at the OLED display.

PSS Clip the best =)


Just bought the 2Gb clip, and guys at work already going to buy to themselves :smiley:. Great device.

  • Turning the OLED display off while connected to PC. I understand it will be implemented in the next firmware update. I believe you guys thought about that, but if not … I suggest that the blue LED under the round button will be turned on, and blink during data transfer.
  • In shuffle mode - please remember at least the previous song. Optimally remember the whole list.
  • Slow down vertical scroll in artists/songs list - it is impossible to read while scrolling
  • Add an option to see the remaining/total composition time.

Thanks a lot for the upcoming bookmarking feature and prompt responces.

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Hello, I just bought a 2GB Clip and without a doubt the #1 feature I’d like to see is play count/last played date sync.  I really like the Clip otherwise but I’m worried I may not be able to deal with the lack of that feature, I’ve developed a somewhat unhealthy over-reliance on it…

I would second the motion for AM radio. 

I really don’t listen to FM radio on the Clip.  Why would I?  Everything I would want to hear has been downloaded to my clip.

- File and folder browsing and the ability to play by folder!

- AM radio!

- Better way to “zap” through radio stations!

- Sound balance adjustment.

- Ability to save some custom equalizer setups.

- More options for what to show while playing, like time remaining

- When battery is low and it starts showing battery low message on the screen, it should last so long and should freeze up the player while showing it.

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It’s great that the Clip has a voice recorder, but its utility is limited because of the fact that it doesn’t have a user-adjustable recording level. Addition of that feature would be greatly appreciated.

I’m 4

*FLAC Support/Playback

*Ring Light on/off option

*Screen Back light while charging on/off

*Time feature with on/off support

*Scroll Song/Album text faster

+1 Vote for:

  • A Clock feature (if possible on the HW). Maybe cooler if a simple quick tap of the on button reveals the time and then it switches off again, but I understand that this maybe impossible. It would be nice to have an option to make it the first thing I see when I turn it on, so I can turn it off again. 

  • Folder based file browsing if possible.

Thanks to all the ppl involved in making the Clip as good as it already is! It’s replaced my Hi-MD player too!


It would be great if the Clip could shuffle by album. Instead of just having shuffle on/off in the Music Options, it could cycle thorough Shuffle Song/Shuffle Album/Shuffle Off. Then it would randomly pick an album, play it through in correct track order, then randomly pick another album to play through.


What do you all really want though from a very economic player?  Buy a Fuze thats only slightly bigger and has the capabilities you seem to want in a little cheap player.  Spending the extra $20 really shouldn’t be that hard.

Well, seems like the 8GB clip will be here soon. Thanks SANDISK!!!

What I love about my Clip:

  • Small (very small) and light weight.
  • Great for hiking, jogging, gym, etc, as you almost can’t notice you’re wearing it.
  • Music only (I don’t need pictures, videos, etc while I’m out in the street).
  • Great sound quality, even for audiophiles.
  • Good battery life.
  • Standard USB mini connector.
  • Custom EQ.
  • OGG support.

Here’s what I would love to have in my clip (wishlist): 

  • The screen off while charging will be a nice feature. Actually it’s a must, since I don’t want my OLED screen to die in about a year.
  • Clock + Alarm + Chrono/Timer would be nice, but not a must.
  • Folder browsing. First Sandisk DAP [ ]  had it. I don’t think it’s that hard. I hate tagging my MP3s, and I have 1000s of songs I have downloaded or ripped myself and never had tags, so my “Unknow artist” category is huuuuge!
  • I’d love a microSD slot, but I know that would require a whole product redesign, then it would be a whole new player.
  1. Browse by folder.

  2. In playlist, have only track name displayed. As it is now, it is Artist-Track name, but artist takes up too much space and you can’t see the track name.

  3. Ability to turn off the blue light on the click pad.

  4. Ability to have the player NOT light up when using the volume buttons.

  5. When the music spectrum is shown during the song playback, have it so the LED doesn’t dim. I have it set to dim after 5 seconds, but I would like to have it stay on if I have the music spectrum visual enabled.

1.a clock[PLEASE]

2.they don’t even need to be good, but like some game any kind realy just something to do

sell them on your online shop

-Ring light on/off


-Font size

I bought this player for my mother, and sometimes it’s a little difficult for her to read the small text, so a font size option would be nice. 

for Brad1981: you suggest  “In playlist, have only track name displayed. As it is now, it is Artist-Track name, but artist takes up too much space and you can’t see the track name.”

this is simply done making the playlist in different way: 

replace the text:

#EXTINF:320,artist - title
01 - title.mp3


01 - title.mp3 

in your playlist (you can use mp3tagfor this, free and easy: drop files and press control-P, under options you can set up the format).

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My wish list:

  • folder browsing is a must in MSC
  • random play one playlist at a time (I listen classical music and I’m not interested in mixing the first movement of a concert with another from another composition, i rather want to hear a full composition made of a fixed set of track so I make my playlist grouping tracks by composition)
  • ability to export/import radio list:  say you store the frequencies in a file somewhere, and allow us to edit it with the PC to add names to the stations
  • turn of screen upon charging

thank you
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