Sansa Clip shows song I synced but it doesn't play it

I recently got a Sansa Clip.  Using Windows Media Player 11, I synced one song from my computer to my Sansa Clip.  When I look at “music” in the SC, I see the name of the song that I synced.  But I don’t hear it playing.  Also, the time indicator stays at 00:00.  When I try to resync it, WMP tells me it has already been synced.  Why am I not hearing it?  Could the name of the song be in the SC without the song itself being in there?

I know that the volume and ear buds work, because I am able to hear the SC’s FM radio.

I hope someone out there can help me with this.  I need to use it early tomorrow morning for a video I’m shooting on location.  (The actor has to listen to the song, to lipsync it).

Thank you!