sansa clip per android tablet füttern

hallo, ist es möglich ein sansa clip über ein tablet mit musik zu bestücken? 

ich habe kein pc, nur ein galaxy note tablet (2014 Edition).

so einfach wie normale usb sticks zu bestücken ist es leider nich.


Hello! Is it possible to feed a Sansa Clip with music from a tablet?

I don’t  have a PC, just a Galaxy Note tablet (2014 edition).

Unfortunately it’s not so simple to transfer music to it like to a USB stick.

You could try a microUSB to miniUSB adapter like this one:

or a cord:

and see if the tablet recognizes the Clip.

You could also put a microUSB card in the tablet, load it up, and move it into the Clip.

i have a usb adapter and it works. i see the folders and i can copy a song into the musik folder but the sansa dont find any song??? if i connect the sansa with a tablet again, the folders will be duplicate automatically… it is corious…what i make wrong?

The songs have to be .mp3, .wma, .wav, .ogg or .flac.

If the songs are .m4a or .m4p from Itunes, they have to be converted.  The Sansa will only show songs if it can play them.

…all my songs are in mp3 format. in my car and in my old china mp3 player works very good. 

What kind of tablet is it? (Android, iPad?)

What music software are you using? It sounds like you have it set to Auto Sync–you should change that setting.

All the way down the Music choices–Album, Artist, etc.–you should have Folders. Can you see the files in there?

its a android tablet. samsung galaxy note 10.1 (2014 edition). the version of my sansa is: V01.02.18P.

i have no music software on my tablet…i drop the songs plugn play into the folders.

who is the auto sync option/setting???

i see the folder music, record, podcast…and thousand of … u … files…very strange.

i formatted the sansa and put again a song into the music folder, but the sansa dont recognize the mp3 song. the playlist are empty…!

tomorow i try out the sansa on a windows notebook.

Click on Music. Under that is Recently Added, Artists…Folders. If you click on  Folders you should see a  list of the folders holding the mp3 files. Otherwise they are not on the unit.

The tablet probably has Google Play Music or Amazon Music or Beats Music or Music or Spotify or Rdio  some other music player preloaded on it.

Go to Settings in your tablet and scroll down to Applications/Applications Manager/All.  Then look for Music apps and check their settings.

No idea what …u… files are, but there shouldn’t be thousands of junk files.  It sounds like some app is doing something automatic when you connect a player.

Since the Sansa not working well anyway, I suggest you Format it, which will wipe off all your added content from the internal memory. (Make sure you have copies elsewhere). Settings/System Settings/Format.

Then go into Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and make it MSC. Once you do that,  the Sansa should act exactly like two USB drives–one for the internal memory (SANSA CLIP) and one for the card slot (Removable Drive).  If you can get music from your tablet onto a USB drive you should be able to drag and drop it onto the internal memory or an installed microSD card quite simply.

…i have tested the sansa on a windows notebook and it works good. i can drop the music in the folder and the sansa play the songs. when i connect the sansa with my android tablet, i cant see the songs…and when i disconnect the sansa from my tablet, the sansa update data a long time and then the music folder are empty…all the songs are deleted. with all my usb sticks, i have no problems, because the sansa rob my nerv…

Is your player set to the USB Mode (in Settings > System Settings) of MSC?

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yes, i try out all settings. 

it would work with the rockbox software?

Are you using a Clip or Clip + (with MicroSD slot)?

If you can put songs on a USB drive you can put songs on the Clip.

Make sure it is in Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC. Connect it to the tablet as you would connect a USB flash drive.

Drag and drop music onto it. Go into the Files manager of the tablet and just copy and paste or drag if you can drag. Don’t use any kind of music player, sync, etc.

If you have a Clip+ you could also  format a microSD card to FAT32—you may need a Windows computer for that, I don’t know–and put it in the Samsung slot and drag music over to it, then put it in the Clip+ slot.

You’re welcome to try Rockbox but it probably uses exactly the same MSC connection because that is same connection every other device uses.

If you really have done drag-and-drop with actual mp3 files to the Clip internal memory, and you can see them on the unit from the Android–they should be about 1MB per minute of music–then they should play. This should not be difficult.