Sansa Clip on the fritz

Please help. I have only used my clip on a run a few dozen times or so and it seems like the battery life has gotten shorter and shorter.This morning during my run and it was fully charged, it lasted maybe 25 minutes and will not turn on at all. I have it plugged in to my computer and it will not recognize it being there at all! I have tried two different computers and all accessible USB ports. No luck. I have also tried the 15 -20 second of the hold on and it did not work either. Any ideas other than a run to the store?


If you haven’t done so, try to connect the Clip while it is in hold and you press the center button down–that sometimes seems to work.  And then perhaps reapply the latest firmware–the installed firmware may have become corrupted.

Apart from that, this may be a warranty replacement issue …