Sansa Clip Firmware Update

Tapeworm wrote (IN PART):

Seems the place you should be asking is at the Rockbox forums, since it was working fine until you attempted to put Rockbox on it.

Thanks, I did ask once at a Rockbox forum, but didn’t get a solution.

What has worked came from Marvin_Martian, who messaged as below. BIG thanks to him.

On your rockbox forum link you mentioned “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 30 MB”. That means your music files are corrupt, so the original firmware won’t run.

What you will have to do is connect it to your computer and format the player completely, then start over, with sansa firmware and the rockbox utility.

One way to make sure your files don’t get corrupted on the player when you load them is to set them as read-only on your computer before you ever load them on the player.