Sansa Clip+ and a Mac

I have a Mac with Maverick 10.9.2. I was looking for an MP3 rather than the MP4 of iTunes. Amazon reviews suggested the Clip+.

I closed iTunes, plugged in the Clip+, opemned music and dragged tunes from a CD. I had alrteady put the clip on MSC.

I ejected the Sansdisk icon, unplugged and the Clip+ says no songs. I have done this in every way I can think of and still no music.

Am I missing something, is my Clip defective or is it just not made for Macs.  The FM works fine making me think the problem is just the Mac to Clip+ communication.

Thank you

Apple hates you because you did not stay in the walled garden and get a doPi player.

Meanwhile, the Clip+ doesn’t play Apple’s m4a files.And it won’t display files it can’t play.  Why can’t we all just get along?

If your albums are ripped to m4a, you have to rip them to mp3–either re-ripping the discs through iTunes (you can change Importing settings to mp3) or by opening the mp4 album in iTunes, highlighting the files, going to Advanced and Create mp3 Version. Then send the mp3s over (and get rid of any m4a you sent).

Make sure that if you are ripping discs to mp3 that you send the actual files over to the Clip. MACOSX also makes a subfolder of “finder” files that are called ._01-FirstTrack.mp3 . The Clip sees those, thinks they are mp3, tries to play them and doesn’t find any music in a 0kb file.

If you’re stuck with a library in m4a, you might want to get the Clip Zip instead. It plays Apple files (if they are not crippled with DRM.)

And if you are computer geeky you could run Rockbox on the Clip to play m4a.

BTW–“dragged tunes from a CD”?

Were you moving .wav files? Or were you copying the .cda files that usually hide the .wav files. Those aren’t actually the tracks.

While the Clip is supposed to support .wav files, if you really want uncompressed music you are better off ripping to FLAC, which saves space and plays better. Unfortunately, FLAC doesn’t have tags that will list the music under Album, Artist, etc.–you’ll have to scroll down to Folders and search by file name.

Thanks for helping. I don’t know what kind if files they are. I just opened the CD on the desktop and dragged them directly to “Music”. I know I can’t use the MP4 files of iTunes without conversion. I had planned to just directly use the CDs as I have been having a lot of trouble with iTunes  since they changed the format in on of the newer versions.

I would never have gotten the Clip+ if I had known that it was basically incompatible with the Mac. 

It’s not incompatible–you just need mp3 files, which are compatible across the board. 

What you tried to do with the CD wouldn’t work with an iPod either. If you look at a CD in a computer that reveals file types, what you’ll see is  a list of .cda files. Those are basically the index to the CD–they tell the music player (iTunes, Windows Media Player) where to look on the disc.  You put a bunch of tiny 44kb index files on your player–they don’t play. Not a question of compatibility, just the way portable players work.

CDs always need to be converted or ripped–Apple calls it “imported”–so their files can be used in a music player–doPi, Sansa, Sony, your phone,  whatever.

If you leave the defaults in iTunes it will rip to .m4a files–Apple’s proprietary files. If you change the iTunes defaults (look for Importing settings, iTunes keeps moving them around) then you can make the default .mp3 at 320 kbps, which is all-around compatible.

If you’re an audiophile you would want to rip to FLAC instead, which would take different software–but assuming you’re using the player for portable music through less than high-end headphones, mp3 at 320 is fine. 

If you have an iTunes library in Apple formats, you can convert them to mp3 in iTunes. Or you can get a Clip Zip instead, or geek out and use Rockbox to play the m4a files on the Clip. 

If you’re starting with CD’s, you can rip them directly to .mp3. 

By the way, I hate the latest iTunes as well. They completely messed up the interface. You can try rolling back to a version you like:

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Thank you.You gave me the exact information I needed. I wish I knew half as much as you.

Looks like rolling back iTunes is a LOT more difficult in the Apple world than in the Windows selection I linked to.

If you want to try: