Sanitize an SSD with SSD Dashboard


so I need to Sanitize an SSD and downloaded the glorious SSD Dashboard.

After trying to sanitize the disc it told me that it can’t delete the device it’s running from and I should use the USB option below.

Unfortunately there was no SSD option just a blank field.

So I got myself an USB Stick and plugged it in. Still no USB option.

So I got a new machine and installed Windows 10 on it, plugged the SSD which needs to be sanitized in as a second device and installed the SSD Dashboard.

Then it told me: “Sanitize is blocked by Windows. To erase this drive, use the below option to create a bottable USB drive,”

Again no USB option. After googling the problem it says I should check the security status of the SSD in the top area of the Dashboard which says: “Security: none”

So my question: Is there any possibility to sanitize the disk? Dashboard seemed to be very helpful…


Hi Sellmasa, 

I just checked mine and found USB option available, if you still have trouble finding it please contact our support and we may be able to bring the drive in and sanitize for you