SanDisk USB Driver For DOS

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a driver for SanDisk to let it work under dos(accessible) and if so what to do ?

assuming Windows is failing to boot :

  1. I want to boot from (bootable 98 CD) then to copy all data from HDD to SanDisk USB Driver.

So to do those steps I assume that I have to download driver for SanDisk of DOS.

What to do ?


Why boot from a Win 98 CD??  IMO Download a Live Linux ISO, write it to a CD, boot it and copy files from the hdd to the USB drive.

DOS existed prior to USB.  You may be able to find a DOS USB driver if you Google for it, but in addition to it being iffy as to supporting your SanDIsk USB drive how are you going to get it into the Win 98 CD?